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Portrait's Potions

Potion No. 3 Roll On Perfume

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Our new perfume oil blends natural ingredients with an exotic scent to create the perfect scent for any occasion, making it easy to take your fragrance with you wherever you go. Our roll-on perfume oil works with one's body chemistry to create a different scent for everyone. The scent is most potent when used directly on the skin, so you can apply the desired amount and allow the scent to develop throughout the day.

Perfume oil roll-on is perfect to carry in your purse or pocket while traveling. Apply the desired amount and allow the scent to develop.

Key Ingredients

Phtalate Free

Many scientists believe that exposure to phthalates is at least one of the reasons behind rising levels of male infertility, which has increased by more than 50% in the last two decades.

Paraben Free

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