Our Pledge to Clean Fragrance

Have you ever wondered what phthalates are, what they are used for or the effect they have on our bodies? Even though they are found in thousands of products we use every day including food, toys, cosmetics and clothing, many consumers have never even heard of these chemicals. 

"Why are phthalates added to cosmetics and fragrances?"

Phthalates are chemical agents used to help fragrance and cosmetic products retain their scent, as well as modify the texture and appearance of makeup, among other uses. They are used in an estimated 85% of fragrances and in most cosmetics including lipstick, nail polish and hair sprays.

It is a proven fact that phthalates inhibit the release of estrogens. Many scientists believe that exposure to phthalates is at least one of the reasons behind rising levels of male infertility, which has increased by more than 50% in the last two decades.

Consumers are becoming more and more aware of ingredients contained in their various cosmetics and fragrances. These days, especially women, are paying close attention to the ingredients that make up the products they apply to their faces and bodies every day. Women who have become aware to this issue don't want phthalates, parabens, plasticizers, or other chemicals contained in their makeup and perfume products.  Shop phthalate free now!