"I love your hemp seed oil! I have used prescription medication for about 20 years to manage my dry scalp. I haven't had to use any prescription drugs since I got the hemp seed oil. I apply it every two weeks and it has kept my hair and scalp completely moisturized! It also keeps my daughters' hair and scalp moisturized for way longer than other greases. I have literally thrown away all of our other hair moisturizers since I got the hemp seed oil. It's amazing!"

-Trudy, Hero Product Portrait's Potions Hemp Seed Oil


"I love this body bronzer!! This isn't a good picture but it showed up really well on my skin. It really made me glow. I'll definitely be ordering again!"

-K Ashanti, Hero Product Portrait's Potions Goddess Body Potion


Perfect shimmer! I absolutely love this product will order again!

-Justine Noel, Hero Product Portrait's Potions Goddess Body Potion


I love this shampoo! It makes make hair feel really soft and it doesn't leave any residue on my hair. My scalp & hair feel very clean.

-Trina, Hero Product Portrait's Potions Guava Shampoo